Professional Training



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Professional Training

Professional Training in Leadership, Co Dependence/ Addiction, and Personal Enhancement

Professional Training

Certificate Training in Transpersonal Energetics: Healing and Leadership In this in depth course, you learn to embody the vision, clarity, compassion and internal strength of the modern day shaman, who exists simultaneously in the mystical and the common place. “I have offered this training for 20 years. It is the climax of my work, my life passion. I love the level of consciousness that participants develop.” Jesse Greene

Certificate Training in Counselling Skills – A skill based course with emphasis on practice as well as theory that can be taken as a refresher by practising therapists and counsellors, who want to add to their skill level and feel clear and confident about why they are doing what, when and how with clients.

Counselling – Codependence & Addiction – In this professional training you look at the long term effects of child abuse and how codependence / addiction works in dysfunctional family systems. It provides a mix of theory and practice which you can use with individuals, couples, families and organisations.

Mystic in the World –Transpersonal Energetics, Healing & Leadership – 5 day Bali retreat Contact Jesse Greene for more information.

Ongoing monthly evenings for those who have completed the Mystic in the World -Transpersonal Energetics, Healing & Leadership Programmes.