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Mystic in the World

Transpersonal Energetics, Healing and Leadership

Transpersonal Energetics Training: the Mystic in the World

Come to Tiruvannamalai India 2020
With Jesse Greene, MEd. MFT — Transpersonal Trainer

In this exciting course we will work in a very powerful, ancient energy field… that of the mountain Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai, India. Ramana Maharshi came at age 16 to this sacred mountain and spent his life there.

We will be doing the transpersonal energy work in this intense field.
We will go to the cave where Ramana spent most his time.
I know an incredible village healer who does body work and massage.
India is an amazing place of miracles, sights and sounds. What a gift to be trained in subtle distinctions in such a place!

Welcome, welcome to these powerful 6 days:

Training in high frequency energies
Opening body blocks
Learning your unique way to find strength in difficulty
Communicating with other realms and dimensions
Letting yourself really transform…..
Healing which is so soft and loving… learning how not to be terrified by high velocities
and the opportunity to go to the most amazing kirtan, disappearing into …..

I know this place well—the good chefs, the organic places to eat, facials, manicures, massages, Ayurvedic treatments, homeopathy, and a wonderful chiropractor for $4 per session… and more.

Mystic in the World: Transpersonal Energetics, Healing and Leadership

“I have offered this training for over 18 years. It is the climax of my work, my life passion. I love the level of consciousness that participants experience and develop.” jesse greene

“To assume and honor one’s own greatness is a very humble act.” Bert Hellinger

What are you doing here?
What fulfils you?

Become the new leader. A more connected, therefore less separate, more mobile, vital and creative form is emerging. “Walking the Walk”. Being the shift.

In this in depth training you will learn to embody the vision, clarity, compassion and internal strength of the modern day shaman. Existing simultaneously aware of the mystical and the mundane.

The first 1/2 of this training is skill based, like spiritual SAS, like a black belt martial arts’ master. Being able to stay in your body, be congruent, not blocked and easily alert and open. I think of it as tuning up the car and having the skills to drive it. Then we further develop and play with these skills taking the car for adventures.

You will:

Access your inner strength
Heighten your energy levels
Align to and know your core energy
Develop Intuition and psychic skill
Open to your greatness
Connect to oneness and a larger vision of self and all it encompasses
Allow experience to transform and nurture you
Be aware and responsible for your impact on others.
Trustingly live a courageous and connected life

Most of all you learn to operate in a vortex who’s field is consciousness, truth and learning. Vortexes open up our innate intelligence, playfulness and love. Regenerating our beings.

What is this training really about?

Participating in evolution
Developing Intuition, creativity and accuracy in healing in your daily life
Using your energy more efficiently, spontaneously and expansively
Living more from an interconnected sacred space and less from your personal psychology
Holding authority in a centered and flexible way

What do graduates say?:

29 year old male security guard

“Since starting the energy training I have gone through many profound changes and I have a stability that is incredible. I feel as if I have been transformed. I can now feel a personal power which gives me great stability, strength and confidence..”

Rebecca, Dance teacher, performer and mother 30 yrs

“….The energy work has given me incredible depth with myself and others. I have access to so much more of myself that I ever even knew existed. I have tasted and experienced true freedom. My spine has realigned. It’s like I’ve had 5 years of deep bodywork..”

Chris Grey, 44, Business Coach & Personal Mentor

“The gift of this work has nurtured me in ways that I had never thought possible… My listening and communication skills have expanded enormously..”

Sally Wheildon, mother, teacher, small business owner, age 43

“I feel immensely grateful to have the opportunity to be with Jesse and our group, to be able to evolve so much quicker and with so much support and guidance..”

Neil Baldwin Managing Director, age 49

“My self esteem was renewed along with my confidence of who and what I am..”

Barbara, mother, carer, student

“I’m not alone and not afraid any more..”


“This training is fantastic! For me it has been life changing, giving me a whole new, more positive out look on life. I look at every day life through new eyes, experiencing life for the first time and noticing the beauty and abundance in all aspects of my life (even the discomfort)..”

Ben White

“In terms of personal and spiritual growth, empowerment and personal enlightenment it has been a quiet revolution, a slow steady dropping of pennies and I am more and more me..”

Antonia , PhD Educator

“..opportunity to let go of the old and embrace a new fresh and empowering reality that supports and nurtures the most valuable inner parts of our beings..”

Peter Shooter

“..It is practical, relevant, worthwhile, a challenge and achievable and if you do the training to discover your full potential, you will find the sky’s the limit.”

What does Jesse say about this course?

“This training is the climax of my work, full of grace and beauty. People finish connected to spirit and trusting to live their lives from a bigger game board.”

We meet for a weekend once a month and a three hour practice session between weekends for six months.


This transpersonal training usually runs over 6 months, compromising 6 moduals and a participants meeting every fortnight.

Prerequisites: some prior work on codependence / addiction and your history, willingness to learn and speaking with Jesse