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Jesse Greene – Therapist, Trainer & Educator

Jesse greene is an expert on the creative edge of her field. She is the founder of Recovery West, a Center for individual and couples therapy, education and professional training in Western Australia. Recognised for her precise interventions and keen intuition, Jesse Greene is known for her warmth and vitality, engaging presentation style, humor and passionate enthusiasm for human growth and development. Her workshops and courses are empowering personal experiences. Jesse Greene’s unique personal style encourages all participants in individual, couples and group therapy to be strong, clear and kind to themselves as they move with life’s currents. Contact Jesse today to discuss your individual or group requirements…

Jesse Greene’s Qualifications

Jesse Greene holds a B.A. and M.Ed in Professional Psychology (USA). Her original doctorate work was in California and she is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in that State (MFT 13293). She was a professional member of Psychotherapists & Counsellors Association of Western Australia (PACAWA) and has founded educational programs in the USA, implemented Professional Training Programs in Australia, the USA and Europe.
She has trained in Hypnosis, Gestalt, Narrative, couples therapy, NLP, Jungian psychology and integral human development work. She has worked with Milton Erikson, Richard Bandler, john Grinder,Claudio Naranjo, Virginia Satir, Pia Mellody, and many other experts in her field.

She is interested in self directed neuro plasticity and integral psychology.
At this time she uses a blend of modalities to suit the needs of her client or audience.

Jesse Greene’s Experience

Jesse has 35 years experience as a personal and relationships therapist.
She has also served as a:

University Lecturer (Masters & Doctorate programs)
Trainer of Trainers
Consultant in the private and public sector
(my most favourite was with the South Australian Government, facilitating a reconciliation conference in the Flinders Range.)

Clinical Supervisor
Founder of Recovery West

Jesse Greene has produced DVD and CD’s on:

Meditation & Therapy
Co dependence / Addiction (2 CD’s)

Love or Dependence

DVD on Boundaries.
Her CDs and DVD are currently for sale.
Please contact,, if you would like to purchase a copy or check some of these for free on youtube