Codependence & Addiction



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Codependence & Addiction

Take back your life

Take back your life

Addiction is the ailment of modernity, it subtly and grossly controls us. Codepencence and Addiction needs to be addressed for us to be free personally, culturally and spiritually. In this course you will learn skills which can be used both in organizational consulting and in personal and interpersonal dynamics where codependent and addictive patterns are truly rife.

Addiction is often at the heart of Relationship difficulties with ourselves and others.. We feel frustrated, stuck, confused and impotent. We find ourselves in familiar repetitive dysfunctional patterns, (fight 203, 406,). Feeling either inflated,worthless or trapped.

We will work with:

  • What creates co dependence/ addiction and how it affects our lives
  • Our Family Role
  • Favourite Controlling & Manipulative behaviours

You will learn How to:

  • Set up healthy boundaries
  • Do reality checks
  • Experience healthy self esteem
  • Stop inflating and deflating
  • Reparent, your basic needs and wants
  • Recognize, the main three defence mechanisms which keep you trapped and ignorant
  • Spot, skewed feeling and thinking reality

You will leave with practical and dynamic tools to begin creating something different as your life. .

Jesse says, “Working with my own child abuse in a Co-dependent / Addiction framework has made everything so clear. I can see the effects of this abuse, yet it no longer wholeheartedly dominates me. I am no longer its puppet. The multi-generational abuse stops here, right now with me. We have to take a stand and Stop Passing it on”.