Enlightened or Loose Self

Why did I want to write this? There is a big confusion that i hear again and again. so here is my attempt to clarify. Awareness itself/ no mind/enlightened doesn’t fix or change anything. So loose self before enlightment / loose self after enlightenment. Yet I think a lot of people get these two mixed […]

Travelling the realms

For many years it seemed like only a small number of us knew how to travel the realms. Sure Gurdjieff and Steiner wrote much about the worlds and even made levels of the worlds with descriptions and today Cynthia bourgeault teaches about the “worlds” in a seeming hierarchy or map. As you may know my […]


You could say we all have a non integrated shadow side. Triggered behaviour may be a great example of what happens when you do not work on integration. You may experience 2 sides the conscious side and the resentful, cruel, mean tantrumy, angry side. Not integrated in. Instead they switch between each other. One rational […]

You are stronger than you think!

Yes trauma is painful and we need to pay attention and do some work looking at the impact it has had on us. Multigenerational trauma, Cultural trauma, Family trauma, etc. etc. Yet I am seeing a lot of simplistic views out there and a weird sense that there is such a thing as having a […]


We all know that belief and intention heals. I imagine that is why placebo is so powerful. The problem is that most of our beliefs are unconscious.  Most of us are familiar with the research: “… the body does its own extreme makeover regularly. In fact, 98 percent of the atoms in the body are replaced yearly.”Jul 14, […]

what is natural?

I was working with a client on his flash anger. My cat jumped up between us and caught a moth and ran from the room moth in mouth, all in a some seconds. I realized when we have these instinctual responses we often see them as us or as our real selves. I decided to […]

freaking out

freaking out, loosing it, falling apart what are we exploring in the energy work?  we are getting skillful in paradigm shifting jumping from being in relationship with people, to being the people, direct access. when you get good at this a new upload of safe happens, a new kind of trust, that depth of who […]


i have been hearing a lot about trauma. fight, flight, freeze. seeing yourself as separate. as a trauma survivor and a therapist working with trauma for over 35 years i’d like to say it is not a quick fix. it is much more like peeling an onion. only recently i realized i did not know […]


I often find with clients that drawing something is a way to access data that we had no idea of with our conscious minds. Exercise – draw how your relationship currently is how you currently are your current resources, relationship to family, community how you would like it to be and draw the way through