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Enlightened or Loose Self

Why did I want to write this? There is a big confusion that i hear again and again. so here is my attempt to clarify.

Awareness itself/ no mind/enlightened doesn’t fix or change anything. So loose self before enlightment / loose self after enlightenment. Yet I think a lot of people get these two mixed up.

And I know both.

Awareness itself

Sometimes called a flow state. A bit difficult to put in words because there is no seperate self sense. I am not self referencing yet I am very connected and aware of my body, feelings, thoughts, but no attributing meaning or stories to anything. Perception is. All data is available, the entire collective here. Flow state. Feel no desire, no lack, content with everything as it is and curious.

Loose self

  • Expanded, in the field, not much personal self, more like in my psychic self. I loose my opinion of things or my personal point of view. Not very good for negotiating because I loose track of what I want and definitely do not give it appropriate weight. Yet I am aware of everything around me.
  • Actually I can loose the personal self. All my life I notice I have tricks to come back into the personal self. Ill look in the mirror say hi to that little trying one. Or ill scan my body giving it weight and focus. Or ill dance and sing a little song – in the mirror makes coming into self stronger.

Strong and Loose self sense

I think both having a strong self sense and having a loose self sense are both efficient in different ways. 

A strong self sense the belly and/or solar plexus chakra is probably strong. Authority is probably easy to hold. One knows where one is.

A loose self sense – easily empathic, can be overly sensitive to sounds, emotions, energy…. Can learn to tune in easily and it feels like home. Can learn to travel the realms easily. Can forget self and have to work to come back personal. Probably have a strong crown and 3rd eye chakra. Grace .