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Travelling the realms

For many years it seemed like only a small number of us knew how to travel the realms. Sure Gurdjieff and Steiner wrote much about the worlds and even made levels of the worlds with descriptions and today Cynthia bourgeault teaches about the “worlds” in a seeming hierarchy or map. As you may know my favourite way to travel and i found the safest way is to travel the realms in a group. That way there are check, balances and much more clarity, nevermind the feeling of extreme intimacy when in a group link up.

What we have found and later when speaking to aboriginal elders – what they have also found is that the realms are a dialogue. When we first started travelling the worlds we thought we were going to get something, like when I and 10 other psychics went into a sacred cave known to be a healing cave we thought we would get a healing but it is an engaged connection, a dialogue full of surprises and guaranteed to smash your projections and ideas of how things are. We expected to receive a healing and instead the cave contacted us, flooded us with 3d visions – this is where it is incredible to be in a group and not alone. I felt excited, scared and a kaleidoscope of feelings as we received see/feel visions together. None of us had expected this, after so many years of tuning in and engaging we still had the old flat idea of going into a healing cave and getting a healing, instead of the cave having it’s own agenda.

In my early buddhist training travelling the realms was greatly discouraged as a distraction. Yet i have found doing so in a group can bring clarity, new insights and unimaginable experiences that make me open up beyond what i know or can imagine: ie. my mind gets blown. One thing i get to see over and over again is my homeo sapien centered way of perceiving reality – for it is beyond inaccurate.

Travelling the realms is a 2 way street. The different entities, life forms can contact me as much as i can contact them. It is not one way. I don’t get to be in a meditative state, open up and say hello whenever i feel like it. They can also say hello to me. All this is very subtle and I imagine some of you who are very sensitive have access to the subtle realms, get contacted and think it is your own feelings, thoughts, desires, impulses and you have no idea that you are “pickingup”. You unconsciously own it all. This is where i feel it is imperative for sensitive people to be trained and not to be picking up what is around them like a sponge and acting it out without knowing it. Even with training, I found in a group it is easier to discriminate between projections and “pickingup”. This is all very subtle and too tempting to get lost in – maybe that is why communicating with the worlds is often so discouraged and seen as a trap.

Yet why settle for such a small life. Why reduce our lives to such a small container in order to feel a false sense of separation, security and control? We are really really all connected and impacting each other all the time. Notice the sense you get walking in a forrest of dead trees or a forrest of alive healthy trees. We are engaged, impacted and communicating even if we are unconscious to it. You can feel when your pet is content and happy or distressed.

I suggest open up and be awake to your innate connectedness. Yes let is the complication for it is there anyway. I think you use/loose a lot of energy blocking life out and feeling contained as a separate individual.