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About Jesse:

Jesse Greene is  an expert on the creative edge of her field. She is the founder of Recovery West, a Center for individual and couples therapy, education and professional training in Western Australia. Recognized for her precise interventions and keen intuition, Jesse Greene is known for her warmth and vitality, engaging presentation style, humor and passionate enthusiasm for human growth and development. Her workshops and courses are empowering personal experiences. Jesse Greene’s unique personal style encourages all participants in individual, couples and group therapy to be strong, clear and kind to themselves as they move with life’s currents. Contact Jesse today to discuss your individual or group requirements…

Upcoming Events and What's new!

2 Evening Workshops

Deep Dive, on the 8th of December 2020 with blindfolds and blocks.


Communication/ Conflict Resolution Skills

 on the 15th of December2020  

christmas celebration

both in person
both $20



zoom graduate meeting: transpersonal energetics

Tuesday 24/11/20 at 7pm 

zoom – is always the same – Personal Meeting ID 909 247 3682

Mystic in this World 

  Are you ready? 

. to travel the dimensions

. to go deep into connection, exploration and knowingness.

. to leverage the power of neuroscience, to flourish?

You will be in a creative, high frequency embodied super learning state.  I love this state, yummm, feels so content and yet my mind is clear. Im not fighting myself, instead I am having fun learning, growing, changing, facing and meeting everything.  

when: 14 – 15 November, 2020                                      time: 10am – 5pm                                               discount cost: $365.                                                cost: $395

graduate meeting 

3 November, Tuesday. 7pm on zoom $10.         07:00 PM – 09:00 PM                                                 grad night zoom Meeting ID: 909 247 3682

Super intelligence

In a group flow state your personal “on” gets exponentially greater in the field. The subconscious is 500,000. times faster than the conscious mind which processes at something like 40 bits a second rather than millions of bits a second by the subconscious mind. We know there are 3 brains – head, heart and gut, why not use them all? Let’s go for it and clear out our perceptual antennas while we are at it!  

when: 22 – 23 August                                              time: 10am – 5pm                                    discount cost: $385.                                                cost: $420

Mystic in the World

Let’s go deeper into our edge! Afternoon transpersonal leadership training.

when: saturday 25 july 2020                                  time: 2pm – 5pm                                                         discount cost : $75.                                                   cost: $80.         

Travelling the dimensions in communication

i am so looking forward to saturday. we have not been physically together in way too long.

if we have time id also like to get to some developmental reaching back and making our foundations more robust.

then yet again the vertical also pulls – a quote i heard – we are a just a dim reflection of some of the imiginal beings. they are very available, it is us who are not.

Daylong, Saturday, 27th of june

time: 10am – 430pm

cost: discount – 180 (for those who need it)

normal cost – 205

jesse greene Australia is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

 graduate meeting
Time: Jun 23, 2020 06:30 PM Perth

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 909 247 3682
One tap mobile
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MYSTIC IN THE WORLD: Professional Training in Transpersonal Energetics

Human potential, development and evolution.  A mixture of skill based training and expanding capacities, dropping the veils, allowing more realities,  letting the present have more room. Let’s hack that brain and fire right out of our normal ruts! Bringing in creation. Support is abundant! Resources awaiting right here. yes we are ready. Are you?

Dates: due to the virus cancelled for now.

cost: Discount Price: $895. if paid by 12 March. after 12 March $995.

Each weekend separately. cost: $420 if paid by 12 march, after 12 March $450

Daylong can also be attended separately. Cost: $220


when: Wednesday , 11 March, 7pm Fremantle WA $20.00


Mystic in the world: Back by Popular Demand!

  • This training will be held in the sacred city of Tiruvannamalai, India at the foot of the sacred mountain – Arunachala
    Are you ready to…
  • wake up, grow up, show up?
  • Develop to the point that you never lose contact with your wise self even in extreme distress
  • Play in multi dimensional realities

January 3, 2021 – January 9, 2021 at Tiruvannamalai, In

What the people are saying.....

Barbara, Supervisor

“I’m not alone and not afraid any more..”

Claire, Perth, engineer
Jesse’s work integrates the personal (eg identifying and dropping our habitually stories) and impersonal (eg being in the unity field). Working with Jesse has taught me to trust my intuition (impulses) and to live from a embodied “we” space of noticing what is needed. I’ve learned how to tune into other people and trust what I pick up.
Gaining an understanding of my core purpose on the planet (which can be subtle) has really helped me to “be” rather than feel compelled to “do”. I’ve learnt to hold my identity more loosely. 
Jesse intuitively knows what we need to work on in order to fully inhabit our beings. 
Jesse is warm, kind and fun to be around. She doesn’t pretend to be a perfect person. She is absolutely dedicated to her work and Distills the best of what she learns from around the world into her training. january 2020
Participant india training:

INDIA, participant, : Experienced the divine

Experienced the “we” space and accessed other bodies in the group for different experiences

Stayed in “dual awareness” – awareness of body and taking in data through all senses at same time

Noticed the similarity between birth and death

Noticed how chatting can damage the energy field or be done from the field

Noticing how much being in the “personal I” and missing out on deep connection HURTS!

Knowing that I can work and speak at work from being in my core.

Finding out that in order to be substantial, I don’t need to be more serious and knowledgeable. I need to get more cheeky!


Abheeti Kathryn Pass 

May 26 at 2:38pm 2018 

The work I’ve done with Jesse has been nothing short of transformational. For anyone who’s ever experienced mental anguish, emotional pain and everything in between. Super powerful woman. Love her


“This training is fantastic! For me it has been life changing, giving me a whole new, more positive out look on life. I look at every day life through new eyes, experiencing life for the first time and noticing the beauty and abundance in all aspects of my life (even the discomfort)..”

Ben White

“In terms of personal and spiritual growth, empowerment and personal enlightenment it has been a quiet revolution, a slow steady dropping of pennies and I am more and more me..”

Antonia , PhD Educator

“..opportunity to let go of the old and embrace a new fresh and empowering reality that supports and nurtures the most valuable inner parts of our beings..”

Peter Shooter

“..It is practical, relevant, worthwhile, a challenge and achievable and if you do the training to discover your full potential, you will find the sky’s the limit.

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